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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Enjoying the beautiful Claveria beach


On a November Sunday afternoon, the weather was just perfect as the calm waters along the beautiful Claveria beach in Northwestern Cagayan.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Dawn Fishing for peace at Babuyan Channel

The seashores of Bagu Abulug is part of Babuyan Channel that separates Cagayan Province and Batanes Province.  This spot is the latest destination for local tourists. Construction of a sea boulevard that will connect the town of Abulug and Ballesteros is ongoing. The area is a docking port for fisherfolks. 


Sunday, February 14, 2021

LUCBAN Bridge -- Abulug, Cagayan

When I was young my playground was under the old Lucban Bridge which is like any other bridge but it has its unique history that is solely associated to where it stands -- the historic LUCBAN River, being a portion of the Abulug-Apayao River.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

RESSIE'S Resort -- Ballesteros

For parents who would like to give their kids a nice venue for their birthday party or for those who want to spend a weekend getaway or a high school reunion, RESSIE'S Resort is for me a good choice.
     The spot is located in Sta. Cruz, one of the closest villages next to the coastal town of Ballesteros.
     RESSIE'S is not cozy as you may expect it to be but it is clean and well maintained and very affordable.
     The entrance fee is Ph100 per head which is the current rate in the area anyway.
     This is just one of the few resorts here in this thriving municipality but it has it's own way of caring it's valued or regular customers. 
      It has a spacious parking space, enough amenities including three swimming pools for both children and old ones, a big reception hall for birthday treats and other family gatherings and the like.

     On Saturday January 30, my niece Lorraine held here the birthday party of her beautiful daughter Uoiea, who turned two that day, as well as a blowout for immediate family and friends after finishing her college course. A perfect celebration for mother and daughter. With them of course was husband and Papa Jette.
     RESSIE'S can be easily find. It is five to seven minutes drive from junction Zitanga. From here you will pass by barangay Mabuttal and before you will reach the town proper you can see a sign board at the corner of Bonifacio Cortez St. and from here turn right and drive straight for about 1,500 meters.
     For more info you can visit RESSIE'S Facebook page.

Monday, January 25, 2021


It is no wonder that Magapit Bridge is the country's largest suspension bridge because it is towering above the Cagayan River, which is the Philippines largest waterway.

     In fact Magapit Bridge was considered as the longest suspension bridge in all of South East Asia upon its completion in 1978.

     Local folks and visitors liken it to that of San Francisco California's Golden Gate.

     It is in itself an attraction mainly because of this.

    This behemoth infrastructure is located at Barangay Magapit in the town of Lallo, Cagayan with a distance of 257 meters with an allowed capacity limit of 20 metric tons.

Sta Ana's Anguib Beach

At the north-eastern tip of the main island of Luzon is San Vicente where Anguib Beach attracts tourists from all over the country all year long.
     It's just one of the many enchanting spots in the coastal town of Sta. Ana, Cagayan Province and contributes to its seemingly lucrative tourism industry luring both domestic and international visitors and promenaders.


One of the most recognized prides of Ilocos Norte is the scenic Patapat Viaduct in the thriving beautiful town of Pagudpud.
     Though more than just a bridge at the foot of highpeak mountains and Rocky  coasts it continues to amaze travellers awed by the beauty of Pasaleng Bay.
      Opened to traffic in 1986, the viaduct is 1.3 km long.
     Although located near the bounday of Ilocos Norte and Cagayan, it remains as the most important link among six northern territories that also include the provinces of Apayao and Isabela, northeast of Luzon and Abra and Ilocos Sur, in the  northwest side.

     While it is a very significant factor for business and economic growth in the area it also continues to attract tourists.
     Built during the administration of then President Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr., the viaduct is just part of the treacherous Patapat Road along the Pan Philippine Highway passing through the towns of Bangui, Pagudpud both in Ilocos Norte and Sta. Praxedes, the North Westernmost town of Cagayan.
     This replaced the old "Kalbaryo" Road up the slopes of the rugged mountains when during the old days it took about two or even more days to travel from CAGAYAN to Ilocos especially during the rainy season from July to November.
     Because of that extremely tight situation, people jokingly termed this route as Calbaryo instead of Caraballo.
     This side of the range is the North Western edge of the Caraballo Mountains of which Cordillera and Sierra Madre are part of and interconnected.

Home at last

After more than four decades of skipping home as this journeyman scoured distant horizons while seeking freedom, joy and peace and earn a living, maybe now is the right time to settle back to where we were born and raised and try to pickup where we left off.

    In the summer of 1981, our family made a firm decision to migrate to a faraway Manila back when the days we're that real tough on almost all angles, on all aspects of our life as family, as individuals, as human beings.

     But with resiliency, toughness and hardwork, our struggles paid off, just barely enough despite all the trials and tribulations. 

    Note: just started this blog. Above story to be continued. Thanks for understanding.

Enjoying the beautiful Claveria beach

  On a November Sunday afternoon, the weather was just perfect as the calm waters along the beautiful Claveria beach in Northwestern Cagayan.